Simple Ways to Overcome Obesity

Obesity afflicts a large percentage of us and has been linked to health conditions like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, back pain, cardiovascular ailments and stroke. Sticking to a well devised and balanced diet plan while making sure that we get some exercise as a part of our daily routine are some of the best ways to start losing weight.

Upon losing weight, the feel good factor is greatly enhanced while one gains enthusiasm towards life. Losing just a little weight makes us confident about our appearance, as our clothes fit well and we regain self-assurance to be in situations that involve interaction with strangers. Losing weight ensures that one would not be self conscious, even if he has to appear before an audience or be in a scenario where one is required to be on a stage or at a podium. While making people slimmer and more motivated, losing weight lets us put our focus on everyday activities and this helps us reduce everyday stress. We stop looking upon food for comfort and reach out to people by being more outgoing.

People are often on a lookout for easy ways to lose weight. While there is no miracle solution or a faster way to lose weight, if one plans to lose some weight and make sure that it stays off, it may call for some lasting changes in diet and practices of physical activity. One should carefully access the daily routine to recognize patterns in eating behavior, as this helps understand the areas where changes should be bought about. We could start by replacing high calorie meals with healthy snacks, like substituting ice creams for fruit salad, avoiding fried or sugary foods and maybe replacing sugar with natural sweeteners. By making sure that our goals are realistic, we ascertain that they become more achievable and are more beneficial for us. Drastic changes in lifestyle can be difficult to maintain over time. Instead of figuring out the fastest way to lose weight, we should work on taking simpler measures that are beneficial for our health in the long run and help us lose weight while maintaining a more slender appearance.

Natural sweeteners assist in weight loss and are an ideal replacement for sugar as they as they substitute empty calories for vitamins and nutrients. With a low glycemic index, they often have a negligible effect on our blood sugar levels, making them all the more useful for people suffering from medical conditions like diabetes. Some natural sweeteners like Stevia are known for their elaborate health benefits, including stabilization of blood sugar which enables people who are currently insulin dependent to eventually not require treatment for diabetes. Alternately, Stevia lowers blood pressure and has anti-viral properties.

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Lose Fat Fast – Thighs

Thighs are a tough section of the physique for we ladies, since it is difficult to shed weight in this area and get the thighs well toned. Guys also may have thighs which are too large and very plump instead of well toned. Weight loss from the thighs rapidly, or even gradually, may be difficult. However, it’s not unachievable.

Exercise all of the areas of your thighs such as the quadriceps, hip adductors and hamstrings. They are the three basic areas of your thigh. Working out all of the areas can help you lose fat fast, shed weight and shape your thighs into a far more attractive form.

Perform side lunges, which exercise your quads.

Assume an athletic upright posture with the knees and hips somewhat bent, feet shoulder-width away from each other and your head and your chest up. This is your starting place.

Keeping the knees bent, make a gradual, lateral move to the right. Always keep your feet directed ahead and the knees bent. Extend the left knee, directing your weight to the right, flexing the knee and hip into a side lunge. Sustain straight posture all throughout the back, holding your head and your chest up.

Pause at the bottom part of the movement, after which extend via the working leg to go back to a standing up posture, making a transition into a lunge to the other side.

Exercise your hamstrings with the help of the bow posture in yoga.

Lay on your tummy with your feet hip-width away from each other with your arms by the side of your body.

Fold your knees and grip your ankles.

Breathing in, raise your chest off the floor and draw your legs up and back.

Look straight in front of you with a smile on your face. Shape your lips to complement the contour of your body!

Keep the posture steady while you are focusing on your breathing. Your body has become taut like a bow.

Continue to take lengthy penetrating breaths while you remain in this posture. However, don’t lose focus! You should not go too far on the stretching.

After 15 -20 seconds, while you breathe out delicately take your legs and your chest to the floor. Let go of the ankles and rest.

Repeat 4 additional times.

Take a quick walk around the block. Taking walks is a good method to lose fat fast and overall tone thighs. Go walking for 15 or 20 minutes and when you become stronger, prolong your walking to an hour or so. Taking walks is a superb muscle builder.

Leap into a swimming pool. Pool laps are a fantastic method to lose fat fast from your thighs. Whenever you do the front crawl, the kick originates from the hip region and both your legs kick equally vigorously. If you are doing the backstroke, you kick your legs alternately. The breaststroke demands that you must perform a choice between a whip kick and a wedge kick. When performing a whip kick, the legs kick in a whip-like motion while your knees stay up close together. When you choose to perform a wedge kick, the legs kick in an intentional circular motion and are a greater width away from each other. The butterfly is a difficult stroke. Your legs get higher up without bending at the knees while the bottoms of your feet push vertically against the water and backwards. The knees bend and straighten on the down beat. That is what produces propulsion. Any or all of these motions are perfect for losing fat fast from the thighs.

While the above exercises will surely tone your thighs, if you are overweight you will need to follow a sensible diet to lose fat fast over your whole body, including your thighs.

Classical EFT Statements To Tap For Physical Pain

You may have seen some EFT videos or tapping scripts that tell you to say “I am fed up with this pain” for one round, followed by “I want to get rid of this pain” for the next round, then “I want to be pain-free” for the third round. Or you may have been advised to do one negative round followed by one positive one, all the way through. Hence why you are reading this article on what to say for Pain in classical EFT. Because sometimes it works for you, and sometimes it does not.

There is nothing wrong with changing the phrases if you know how to do NLP effectively and mix the two. Otherwise, every EFT practitioner out there vies with all others to produce the scripts that Gary Craig quite rightly is very much against on his website and in his newsletters. I have even had to write in to him to say my scripts are not a one-size fits all, and they are tailor-made, you are shown how to make up your own specific statements, etc, but he is adamant on keeping the warnings, and I agree with him on this one, because people then think that EFT has to have complicated wording that has to get you tongue-twisted. EFT is much simpler. Some of what I call ‘the cleverness I-am-better-than-the-next-EFT-practitioner-please-buy-my-product/service” video or script, and what Gary Craig lumps all together with genuine non-verbatim scripts as “script” are more confusing than helpful, and sometimes can compound the issue rather than help. You need to be specific about where exactly the pain is. The pain may move, for example, from the leg to the hip to the neck, and you have to be specific about each body part. After all, we are tapping away unwanted energy. It is all about energy. And when we name the exact place that energy is stuck, we connect to it very well. If this does not work, then we look for root causes. Hence the way you are led through an investigation in how to look for root causes, and how to make up simple statements to release root causes. Step-by-step, you will learn how to do it in a way that targets that energy disruption very specifically. Remember, EFT is about releasing an energy disruption, and if what you are using to release this disruption is working, then you are doing it right.

Gary Craig uses for example “this remaining pain… “, for subsequent rounds of EFT. This has been tried and tested without the “remaining’ part by many practitioners, and it has worked just the same. So my style is to remove the “remaining”. However, if you like it, simply keep it. Whatever works for you is the right way.

Sometimes, people are so tired of the pain that it becomes really urgent to get rid of it. Maybe the pain is way too much, or there is extra tension making it worse, or perhaps like some of my clients, you have a deadline by which you will have to have an operation, and that is causing the tension, which in turn tenses all the muscles that are spasming even more and seems to make your whole nervous system more sensitive. Whatever it is, it is all tappable. You can tap for “This need to get rid of the pain before I have to give in and have the operation” for example, or “It hurts so much, I can’t think straight any more”, or “This tension that I store in my [put the body part here]”, or “This angry inflammation”, or “This [please name the source of the hurt] that I carry in [put body part here]”. Of course, I do not know your situation and so cannot comment specifically, but I hope this helps you on your way to doing the detective work.

Wishing you comfort and ease always.

Why I Want to Get My Tubes Tied

This Monday I am getting my tubes tied. I’m 29 and I’m getting my tubes tied. It’s happening. I’ve had some mixed reactions from people so I thought I’d explain my reasoning behind this decision.

1. My Mental Health:

I struggle with some serious mental health issues that have plagued me since I was 15. I just found a medication combination that keeps me stable, happy and able to live my life. When I don’t take my medication, I’m crying all the time, I’m angrier, much more impatient and generally an un-fun person to be around. When I get pregnant, I get crazier. Medications need to be adjusted and hormones need to be dealt with. Then after the pregnancy, I’m prone to Postpartum Depression which makes that 6 months of my life a roller coaster of nonsense. It’s a whole lot of crazy that strains my relationships with others and makes my life miserable. That was the main reasoning behind my decision.

2. I Was Failed By Birth Control Once:

I was ON birth control when I got pregnant with baby Wallace. He must have really needed to come into the world. So now I’m much more wary of traditional birth control. I know the chances of it happening again are probably mind-numbingly slim, I’d just rather not take that chance.

3. The M Word:

We can’t afford any more children. Money is a factor in most of our life decisions and we honestly do not feel it would be fiscally responsible for us to have another child. That’s just our situation. I am sure it would probably work out if we felt strongly we needed to have another one but, as you might already assume, I have not had that strong feeling.

4. It Feels Right For Me:

I’m not saying every 29 year old should run out and get this procedure, I’m saying that it’s what I feel is right for me and my body. Pregnancy is hard for me, mentally and physically. None of my pregnancies have been easy ones and this last one was especially difficult. I wanted smooth pregnancies so badly, but they just weren’t in my cards.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my children. I’m grateful every single one is in my life, both here and in heaven. I wouldn’t give them up for the world. But I feel like they are my world now and our family is complete. I don’t feel any angst or stupor about this decision. I feel relieved and excited for the next chapter of my life. I feel like I can jump into parenting with both feet knowing I don’t have to wonder if someday I will have to go through the pain and stress of another pregnancy. It’s actually a pretty liberating feeling.